Top 5 Questions asked at Eads Fence in Cincinnati, Ohio

1. What criteria should I consider when shopping for residential fences?

Different code requirements may be in place for your residential property in Hamilton County, OH. Factors to consider are climate, HOA or community regulations, and age/ability of children or pets, house or building style and color, as well as landscaping.

2. My budget is a large factor in which fence I decide on. What’s the price range for your fences at Eads Fence?

No matter your budget, we can find an ActiveYards fencing option to suit your project because there are three grades of residential fences available to you in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Haven series is our premium option, with refined styles, designs and patented technology. The Home series is our “better” option, which offers patented technology and the most popular styles at a more budget-friendly price point. The Harbor series is our “basic” option and the most cost effective. It is a quality product that will outlast most other residential fences.

3. What is Solarguard and how does is work with aluminum fencing?

Solarguard technology protects ActiveYards fences from the sun’s damaging rays. It is one more step in making sure your investment in a high quality aluminum fence lasts a lifetime. Stop by our Eads Fence location in Cincinnati, Ohio and browse our great selection of Solarguard-protected aluminum fences!

3. Why is a vinyl fence better than wood fencing?

Durability is the number one reason why most customers in Cincinnati, Ohio choose vinyl over wood. Wooden fences must be pressure treated in order to withstand cold winters and hot summers. Vinyl fencing is built to handle the harsh elements and it’s very low maintenance.

5. What are the pool fence regulations for Hamilton County, OH?

Most regions require that any pool deeper than 18” must have an enclosure. Most states require at least a 4’ fence with varying requirements on gaps in and under the fence and gate specifications for a residential pool. You can find more info when you search online for Hamilton County, OH pool safety requirements for your home or place of business.

More FAQ at Eads Fence, Cincinnati Ohio

How do I decide which type of fence to purchase?

First, determine the purpose of the fence. Do you want to contain your children and pets, or keep unwanted neighbors and animals out of your yard? Do you want to create privacy, or create a safe enclosure around your swimming pool?  Fences come in many different materials and styles. Our website offers you a sample of the many options that are available.  To assist you further, please visit our new state-of-the-art facility located in Loveland, Ohio. Our professional experts can be reached via phone, email or in person at our showroom, and can help you in choosing the best fence for your circumstances.


What do I need to know about local zoning and fence codes?

Building codes for fences and pools vary by state, county, city, and even homeowner's association. You should contact your applicable county zoning department to determine your exact requirements. Codes may determine placement, height, materials, etc.


What types of warranties and guarantees are available?

Warranties on materials vary. This is an important consideration when determining the type of fence you would like to purchase.  Depending on materials, terms can range from no warranty on products like wood fencing, to lifetime warranties on maintenance-free products, such as P.V.C. vinyl and aluminum fences. The lumber we use for our wood products is of top grade materials. However, lumber is a product of nature and therefore, we cannot be responsible for the natural seasoning of the lumber, which may include some warping, cracking, and shrinkage. This is a natural part of the lumber's drying process.  We will provide you with manufacturer's warranty information.  Many factors affect the life of a fence, such as local climate, soil conditions, proper installation, wear and tear, and proper maintenance.  Warranty on labor from Eads Fence Company is one year.  Warranties and guarantees are only as good as the company giving them. We have been keeping our word, backing our products, and honoring our guarantees since 1980!


Do I need a survey?

Surveys define exactly where your property line is and eliminate any guesswork from the layout of your fence project.  If you know exactly where your property line is, then a survey may not be necessary. However, it is our recommendation that a survey be obtained.


What about underground wires and utilities?

If you are building your own fence, it is very important for you to call your local underground utility source.  They will properly locate and mark any public utilities.  If we are installing your fence, we will schedule the marking of the utility lines through: Ohio: 811 or 1-800-362-2764; Kentucky: 1-800-752-6007; and Indiana: 1-800-382-5544.   They will mark public utility lines.  However, they will not mark private lines, such as sprinklers, underground downspouts, invisible fence, etc.   Eads Fence Company is not responsible for private lines.  Please alert us to any private lines.  We will be as cautious as possible but we cannot be held responsible for underground utilities that are not clearly marked or identified by the customer.


Do you carry insurance?

Yes, we carry general liability insurance, and worker's compensation insurance on our employees.


Do you sell materials to do-it-yourselfers?

Yes!  At our store location or online, Eads Fence Company will be do-it-yourself friendly from the beginning to the end of your fence project.  If you can use a tape measure, a level, a string line and posthole digger, and are willing to take the time to do the job right, you should be able to do it yourself!  Our experienced fence professionals will assist you in choosing the proper style of fence and can figure up materials costs with shipping or delivery if needed.  We can also provide installation advice if you need it throughout your fencing project.  We invite you to visit our beautiful 8,000 square foot showroom at 131 Broadway in Loveland, Ohio with full size displays and an eager sales staff ready to answer any questions you may have.  Outside, we have large well organized inventories of fencing products with friendly yard personnel that will go the extra mile to serve you.  Whether you are a weekend warrior, or professional contractor, buying your fence, deck and lumber products from Eads Fence Company will save you money and time!


What are the benefits of Eads Fence Company professionally installing my fence?

We have been in business for over 26 years, under the same name and the same owner. Our installed fences add beauty and value while protecting your property.  We are very proud of our professional installers. They are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet.  With their calloused hands, strong backs, and years of experience, they will build you a strong, straight, long-lasting fence that you will enjoy for years to come.  Our experienced outside sales staff will help you choose the right fence for your project. They will help coordinate the job to be installed in a timely manner and will be there for you if a concern arises.  We install top-grade materials from the best manufacturers in our industry.  For over 26 years, it starts with service and ends with service.  At Eads Fence Company, we always make it right!  We don't rest on our laurels and we believe we are only as good as our last job. We go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.


What is the best swimming pool fence?

Many fences may work, but the top industry and customer choice is maintenance-free aluminum fence.  They are designed for beauty, style, and strength, while making your pool much safer with their picket and rail spacing and self-closing self latching gates.  Aluminum fence is the right fence for many applications, such as pets and children.  Aluminum fence can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.


What are the advantages of maintenance-free fences over conventional fences?

Maintenance free Aluminum fences and P.V.C. Vinyl fences have more benifits than the fact that they are basicly free of maintenance.  

  • They typically outlast and out perform most other types of fences.
  • Never needs painting or staining.
  • Highly weather resistant (will not chip, fade or rot).
  • Time and money savings on maintenance and repair.
  • Enviromentally friendly.
  • For D-I-Y fence projects these are some of the easiest fences you can work with.
  • Can enhance you property value.
  • Years after installing Aluminum fences or vinyl fences they still look as good as when originally installed, and can help on resale value of your home.


What is the best material for deer fencing?

Several materials may apply here, such as chain link and farm fence. However, for overall aesthetics, strength, durability, ease of installation and value, you cannot beat Eads Fence Company's brand of deer fence.  Our deer fence is made of polypropylene plastic, with 2"x2" mesh and heights of 7.5 feet and 10 feet.  Our deer fence provides a virtually invisible barrier, is very strong and impact-resistant.  Our deer fence will not rust and it will last for 10-20 years.  It can be installed with posts, or attached to existing trees.  It is transparent in wooded areas and does not detract from landscapes.  Our deer fencing has proven successful in protecting backyard gardens and plants, as well as multi-acre farms and crops.  Deer fencing also brings the added benefit of decreasing the risk of tick-borne Lyme disease.