Shipping Policy


1.    Receiving the shipment and  unloading    

     It is the  customer's responsibility to be available at time of delivery to inspect the  shipment for damaged or missing materials.  If you have a representative other than  yourself accepting the delivery please ensure that they are familiar with these  procedures. Orders that include residential delivery will be called from their  local shipping terminal to arrange delivery, however we cannot guarantee any  particular day or time.

     The  customer or their representative must be present to unload the truck. Larger  orders may be delivered on pallets; these should be broken down and unloaded by  hand if a fork lift is not available. The delivery driver is only required to  move the packages to the end of the truck. The customer must move the fencing,  gates, and accessories from the truck and store them in a dry and cool place  until installed. It is advised to have at least two people to assist at the  time of delivery.  Trucks with lift gates  are available at an additional charge.   However, requiring a lift gate has caused shipping delays in the past  and is therefore not recommended.


2.    Inspecting and signing for the  order    

     We ship  proper quantities in good condition.  Once  your order leaves our facilities it is the responsibility of the delivering  carrier. When you sign for the order it becomes your responsibility.  If you simply sign the bill of lading  without any qualifying language or notations regarding missing or damaged items  then you have waived all rights to future claims.  Identifying and documenting missing  and damaged merchandise is the responsibility of the receiver and must be done  at the time of receipt.  Please follow  the instructions below carefully.


There are  four different ways to sign the bill of lading:


1.   Sign with no exceptions

     This is recommended only when you are absolutely certain  that the order is correct and undamaged.   No future claims will be allowed.


2.   Sign subject to concealed damage.

     This is recommended only in rare cases.  You should fully inspect your order whenever possible.  Please use this exact language as it will  preserve your right to make a damage claim for a short period of time:  PRODUCT RECEIVED  SUBJECT TO CONCEALED DAMAGE SEVEN (7) DAY NOTICE  REQUIRED.


3.   Sign subject to identified shortages and/or damages.

     You MUST describe ANY exceptions on bill of lading along  with your signature.  You should review  the damages with the driver and get his signature on the bill of lading if  possible.  It is also advisable to  photograph any damage, if possible.  Do NOT discard the damaged boxes.


4.   Refuse the order (Not recommended)

     Do not refuse shipment without first receiving written  permission from Eads Fence Company, Inc.  In most cases this will be treated as a return;  restocking fees and shipping charges may apply.


3.    Damaged or Missing items.    

     This is  rare, but unfortunately does occur occasionally.  If it does happen sign the bill of lading  accordingly and contact Eads Fence Company immediately.  Generally the procedure is to accept the order  subject to the damage.  In most cases the  damage is minor and can be easily corrected.   For example, bent pickets or rails are easily shipped via UPS and can  correct most cases of damage.   This is  much faster and easier than sending whole new panels via freight.

     If there is  damage the shipper may want to inspect packages, goods and all shipping  containers before a claim can be made. After inspection, the carrier will  provide you with all of the proper paperwork needed to file a claim. This  paperwork should then be forwarded to Eads Fence Company, Inc. so your claim  can be processed. The replacement of your lost or damaged materials will be  expedited during the claim process for your convenience. Do not deduct losses  from your Eads Fence Company invoice while awaiting replacement material.

     Eads Fence  Company will assist you in every way possible to collect loss or damage claims  from the carrier. There is no cost to the customer to replace lost or damaged  items as long as the aforementioned policies are followed. However, we are not  responsible for cost of replacement materials or the freight charges for  shipping of the replacement parts or materials if the policies above are not  adhered to. Ultimately, this is the responsibility of the carrier and we will  make every attempt to recover missing or damaged items for you.