Picture of 2.5 lb Deer Scram

2.5 lb Deer Scram

America's Finest Deer & Rabbit Repellent in a handy 2.5 lb container.

Deer Scram is a fully organic and all-natural biodegradable repellent that guarantees to keep deer away from your landscape. With this repellent, these pesky animals will stop feeding on your prized gardens, shrubs and trees.  This product also contains no harmful chemicals or toxins that could hurt the animals, the environment and most importantly, you and your family.  Deer Scram is the best repellent because it attacks a deer's sense of safety. Blended from selected organic components, this product will keep deer away from your landscape because through their uncanny sense of smell, they are convinced that harm is nearby.  As they near the applied barrier, they are actually alerted to a sense of danger- even death!  As the scent of death reaches the deer, a genetic biological defense mechanism to flee from predators is triggered.  FEATURES:... Lasts 30-45 Days... Rain Resistant... All Natural and Fully Organic... Works in up to 6" of Snow... Guaranteed to Work... Covers up to 1,600 Sq Ft...