Bumper Posts & Bollards

Yellow Painted Metal and Concrete BollardsBollards or Bumper Posts are used throughout commercial and industrial building management to protect utilities, electronics, machinery, buildings, dumpsters, and pedestrians from accidental collisions by vehicles.  They also can be used in managing and directing traffic flow on roads. Bollards are made of many types of metal, wood, plastic and cement. They can be simple round pipes or highly decorative and ornate. They can be permanent or removable and are available with hinged bottoms to lay flat for vehicular access. Bollards can be installed with basic simple installation or installed to meet homeland security specs and standards for anti-terrorism crash impacts at 50 plus miles per hour. Choose from our many types of bollards, bollard sleeves, and bumper posts or bring in your design or drawings. We invite you to visit our showroom and view our large selection of fences and products in person or contact us to set up an on site estimate.