SPECRAIL Aluminum Fences

SPECRAIL S-4 Saybrook Residential Grade AluminumAluminum Fences are one of the most popular type of fences for yard enclosures, swimming pools, retaining walls and commercial and industrial applications. Many homeowner's associations will permit only the use of aluminum fences in their communities, due to their long-lasting, maintenance free aspect. Aluminum fencing protects the homeowner's yard, secures pets and children, and adds to a home's resale value. Eads Fence Company has had a long-term relationship with Specrail aluminum fence and railing products since 1989. Eads Fence Company is the most experienced aluminum fence company in the Tristate and has "done it and seen it all."  Let us help you design and build an aluminum fence for your home or business. We professionally install fences in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana but will travel outside of the Tristate area for larger residential or commercial projects. We also sell materials for the do-it-yourselfers, both locally and nationwide. Visit the Midwest's largest indoor fence showroom and view our large selection of aluminum fence types and styles or contact us for an on-site estimate.